Nobody walks into a room looking for a dark switch. One doesn’t expect to flip a switch and put inky misty darkness to cover up the light. One knows that one can resist the light but the source is the light. The same is true for what man wants to call the devil. ┬áHe has just pinched himself off from the light and as he stands in the darkness he is certain that he would not have done it to himself. So he assigns a personality to it and gives it a placement somewhere but it is all that in which he is conjuring in order to justify the perspective that he holds.

The devil is a figment of reality. Being disconnected from your source, or god, for long enough that reality starts to show signs is all the ‘devil’ is. Reconnect to ones ┬áspiritual entity and turn on the light. Getting in touch with one’s god, spirit, or source energy releases all resistance and allows the flow of good to come in.