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Great Grandfather’s Basement

I had the pleasure of going through some of my great grandfather’s old belongings this weekend. My wonderful neighbors joined with their pick up truck so we could take some of the more impressive larger items home. My great grandfather’s name is Gerardo... read more

Shape your sails to work with the wind. Be flexible. Be agile. Navigate life with the least amount if stress. Be a victor. Not a victim.

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Roly Poly Pils

I am a fan of craft beer. There is no hiding this fact. Over the last few years I have taken a liking to a well balanced IPA. Despite my allure to Indian Pale Ales there are few variants I do not enjoy. There is nothing quite like enjoying a craft brew from a local... read more

Ignoring Files and Folders with Grunt Contrib Clean

Working with the ever so gifted and talented backend developer Rohit Chopra here at Martindale-Hubbell lately, I find myself pulling together two workflows and trying to make it a symbiotic relationship (if you will). Part of this process requires a bit of trial by... read more

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